"Hoy no me puedo levantar" Mecano

More from la movida.

"Bailando" Alaska y los Pegamoides

We’re studying la movida madrileña in our Spanish Cinema class, so today we watched some hip music videos from the 80’s.

It was a lovely day in Retiro on Saturday.

Paris is the next European side trip on the agenda, and it’s finally starting to hit me that I’ll finally get to spend a week here.

Hopefully those French lessons in preschool stuck with me…

Four new stops on Madrid’s red line opened up today.

Also, three cheers to the Comunidad de Madrid for choosing a simple yet eye-pleasing design for this banner.

…You have got to be kidding me.

This was at the main Rome train station.

The two pizzas I ate in Rome.

…And I completely finished both of them.

cinna-minnie-mon asked:

I'm studying abroad in Spain next spring, & I just wanted to say that your blog makes me SO excited!!! :D

Thanks! I hope you have a great time, which I’m sure you will. :)

Rome So Far

It’s late afternoon on my second full day, and so far I have visited the Roman Forum (including what is now Julius Cesar’s rather humble grave,) the Santa Maria Maggiore church, and the gorgeous Galleria/Villa Borghese.

If you follow my other blog, you might already know that, for some strange reason, my camera stopped working. So for absolutely vital pictures, I’ve been using my iPhone, which isn’t half-bad. (For instance, I took a picture of the pizza I had for lunch earlier today, which was indeed phenomenal.)

Right now I think I’m going to find a mailbox to send some postcards and then take a shower, as there was no hot water whatsoever this morning.  

Did I mention I also had some Nutella gelato? Because I did. And yes, it’s as good as it sounds.

U.S. Exchange Student Found Dead in Manzanares River

This has been all over the news here in Spain, and I first heard it from a friend of mine who lives at the same residence that Austin Bice (the student mentioned in the article.) 

About a week ago, before hearing the disheartening news, my friend had told me that an American student from California who was staying at the same student residence had gone missing the previous Friday. They said he had tried getting into a club but was turned away by the bouncer for being a bit too drunk.

Being cynical and a bit judgemental, as we usually are when talking about other American students we don’t know, we shook our heads and mentioned something along the lines of how some people need to learn “street smarts.”

For as much as I gripe about American students getting too drunk or high when they party in Spain, I would never wish or even anticipate something like this happening to any student, regardless of background or nationality.

It’s instances like these that make me want to have a call to arms to develop some sort of intensive program or course that will help prevent such devastating circumstances. I feel the problem truly does lie in not knowing how to navigate through an urban environment. For students who aren’t fortunate enough to have familiarized themselves to going out in a big city, I can imagine that knowing when to stop drinking and take the metro or a cab home probably isn’t something they’re accustomed to. 

But in the meantime, my heart goes out to Austin’s friends and family.